Immersive Technology Caucus Formed by US Congress

By Alan Spencer

At the beginning of the month, five US congressional representatives announced the formation of a congressional caucus on VR, AR and mixed reality.

As these technologies continue to advance, the caucus will work to foster information sharing between congress and the technology industry. VR, AR and mixed reality have shown tremendous potential for innovation in the fields of entertainment, education and healthcare. As these technologies develop, questions will rise concerning privacy, intellectual property and other areas.

Some have questioned whether AR, VR and mixed reality are too real already, and that any further advances will make people believe they are in a real world, albeit a virtual one.

With a coordinated effort by industry, educators, and caucus members, the group believes that great strides can be made at a federal level to avoid needless regulations, and encourage continued innovation and development within the sector.

Caucus to examine privacy and IP issues with immersive technologies