Meggitt Introduces Immersive Weapons Training Solution

We missed this during our coverage of I/ITSEC 2017; Meggitt Training Systems, the provider of integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training products and services for armed forces and law enforcement, introduced its new immersive, multi-screen FATS 300 system at the conference. The debut follows the introduction of the FATS 100P portable training system and Live-Fire Screen earlier in 2017.

The FATS 300 configuration supports weapon and ammunition types available on the FATS 100MIL and 100LE systems. These include rifles, pistols, machine guns, anti-armour and non-lethal deterrents like pepper spray and tasers. Other weapon types can be added via installed software. The system can support up to 20 simulated weapons, including a maximum of four assigned to a single user.

The FATS 300 features 3D marksmanship, judgemental and collective training, with high-definition imagery projected on each active screen. The system uses the same high-fidelity ballistic engine validated by the US Army and other military customers. It delivers true-to-life, comprehensive training and includes:

  • Screens – five borderless flat screens spanning five of the six sides of a hexagon. Each screen provides 150” x 84” (3.81m x 2.13m) borderless projection surface in a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Hit Detection System – five digital cameras interface directly to the same Off-CPU Real-Time (OCR) processor used by the FATS 100LE and MIL systems for an easy upgrade path.
  • Projectors – Ultra-short-throw projectors provide the user greater freedom of movement within the training space.
  • Low-Light Subsystem (optional) – Allows users to practice in simulated low-light conditions with both hand-held and weapon-mounted flashlights.
  • Rack – The FATS 300 uses the same transportable rack as the FATS 100 line.
  • Surround Sound – The self-powered audio system plays scenarios in 5.1 surround sound. Using the directional sound effects board, the instructor can add in unsettling sounds from any direction, including a barking dog, a crying baby, gunshots and more to elevate situational awareness.