MediaTek UltraCast Brings 4K Streaming to Connected Devices

MediaTek today announced the launch of its UltraCast technology, the first chipset-enabled streaming technology on the market that enables users to enjoy the stunning clarity of 4K video content generated by their smartphones and stream it wirelessly to a 4K-ready television or set-top box.

MediaTek UltraCast extends standard Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ technology by adding the ability to stream 4K content. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ is a standard for transmitting content through wireless connections from mobile or laptop devices to large display devices, such as TVs, monitors or projectors. Using Wi-Fi as the transmission vehicle, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ replaces the traditional cable connection between device and display.

“4K is increasingly becoming a reality in consumers’ everyday lives,” said SR Tsai, Senior General Manager of the Home Entertainment Business Group at MediaTek. “Content, 4K displays and the connectivity necessary to enable these technologies are growing, but the pieces that connect the 4K puzzle enter the market at different times. MediaTek UltraCast is the first technology that bridges the gap between content creation device and large display device, creating a state of the art viewing experience for the viewer.”

UltraCast will be available on MediaTek Helio series smartphone chipsets and MediaTek 4K Ultra HDTV chipsets. UltraCast uses MediaTek’s advanced video smoothing algorithm, preserving picture quality while reducing latency between devices.

MediaTek UltraCast welcomes third-party smartphone, DTV and Box component manufacturers to leverage this technology on their own devices and for their own uses. With UltraCast, MediaTek is building a robust, open platform that allows users to more easily enjoy all types of 4K content.

“While 4K content is gaining traction in the device market, 4K screen costs remain a deterrent to entering the mainstream,” said SR Tsai. “By making it possible for users to enjoy 4K content over MediaTek UltraCast technology and leveraging the existing 4K recording capabilities on smartphone platforms and 4K Ultra HDTV, MediaTek can offer a better, more affordable experience and a smart, cost-effective alternative for device makers.”

UltraCast is now available for MediaTek partners and customers.