All of it Now Leverages Epson Installation Projectors to Create Colorful Mapping, Blending and Visual Displays

When San Francisco-based creative design agency All of it Now needed vivid projectors to develop visual displays and projection mapping designs, they turned to Epson large venue projectors. Epson® Pro G and Z-Series projectors deliver the features All of it Now required to bring live video production, projection mapping, 360 video, and interactive designs to life for its clients.

“Projection mapping is an ever-changing thing – it has evolved a lot,” said Danny Firpo, managing partner, All of it Now. “The surface being projected on has very specific interplay and communication with the image being mapped, bringing it to life. The vibrant images from Epson projectors have allowed us to create some really special displays – everything from large-scale building mapping to atmospheric projecting on a tree.”

All of it Now chose to work with Epson projectors for their mapping displays because of the bright colors they offer within their class. “Specifically, the Epson Pro G and Z-Series large venue projectors have outperformed other projectors with a 20-30 percent higher lumen rating,” said Firpo.

“One of the really great features we’ve found with the Epson Pro Z-Series specifically is the SDI input – being able to use the same cables that we use for cameras,” continued Firpo. “Being able to have a motorized zoom and motorized focus helps with setups with less than an hour of turnaround time. And the interchangeable lenses on the Pro G and Z-Series have given us the flexibility to take the same projector and multiple lenses to troubleshoot and solve problems on the fly.”

“Epson large venue projectors were designed to bring exceptional performance with bright and colorful images to installations of every kind,” said Phong Phanel, product manager, Projectors, Epson America, Inc. “We are thrilled to see customers like All of it Now leveraging the advanced display technologies to create immersive displays to captivate audiences.”

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