Macroblock Highlights Power Saving in Shanghai

Macroblock, which makes driver chips for LED displays, was at LED China in Shanghai last month and showed its latest chip, the MBI5353 which is for 24/7 applications and allows power saving by reducing power consumption in the dark areas of images. This is important as LEDs take more of the market for control rooms and the company showed a demonstration of the Shanghai Metro Map displayed on an Absen 1.5mm display.

As well as reducing power consumption, the technology helps to minimise operating temperatures, which is also an advantage in meeting room applications as well as control rooms. The company showed this on a 0.9mm pitch display from Nanjing Lopu

2017 LED China 4Macroblock’s power saving helps reduce temperatures

At Infocomm, the company mainly focused on the quality improvements of the chip which can support up to 16 bit colour depth and uses a special architecture to allow the whole frame data to be sent once and stored in SRAM allowing high bit depth without the need to increase clock rates.