Lowe’s Vision Supports AR

In the US, home improvement retailer, Lowe’s has developed an app called Lowe’s Vision which uses Tango, from Google, which adds computer vision to smartphones to enable augmented reality experiences. Using the app and the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro (which supports Tango and is the first to do so), consumers can visualise virtual home furnishings, fixtures and accents in their real living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Lowe’s Vision features at launch are intended to include:

  • Power Measure: Quickly and intuitively capture room dimensions and other interior space and surface measurements with what is claimed to be the world’s most powerful digital tape measure.
  • 3D Designer: Select any item from Lowe’s virtual library and place it in the home in real-time to style and preview indoor spaces.
  • Save, snap & share: After designing the perfect space, save the project and share photos with friends or a professional contractor.
  • Shopping lists and reviews: Create a shareable shopping list and save to a myLowe’s account. Find additional product information like reviews, related items and promotions.