LG OLED Video Walls Installed at Bloomingdale’s Flagship Store

Bloomingdale’s 59th Street flagship store in New York City is now home to two 6.1m wide, 3.7m high video walls, each composed of twenty-five LG OLED video wall displays in seamless 5 × 5 configurations. Each 55″ LG OLED Wallpaper display, which weighs less than 6kg, has a depth of 3.65mm and a bezel width of 1.2mm. Over 100 million pixels make up the 44.6m² video wall.

The Carousel will be refreshed every two months. The screens show synchronised content that moves cohesively, featuring images of the city, its landmarks and its architecture.

Image: LG

Analyst Comment

Unfortunately, the only images that have been provided don’t really feature the display, which is an odd choice. But it sounds good! (AF)

We did, later, find the image below that gives a better sense of the way the OLEDs were used. (BR)

lg bloomingdales2