LDM Product Roundup – Vol 22 19

The 78XT920 is a new TV for the Chinese market, from Hisense. The LCD set is 78″, with UltraHD resolution, local dimming (between 240 and 288 zones) and an ‘expanded’ colour gamut’. It is on sale now, for CNY45,500 ($7,330).

An ultra-light laptop, the LaVie Z, was introduced at CES 2015 by Lenovo (Too Much from Lenovo…). It is now on sale for $1,500. A convertible model with a 360° hinge (LaVie Z 360) is also on sale for $1,700.

The NEC U321H short-throw projector (NEC Reiterates Importance of Solutions) is now on sale for $2,300. A bundle (U321Hi-WK), including the projector, NP04Wi interactive multi-pen module and wall mount, will be available in July for $2,950. At the same time the U321Hi-TM (projector, NP01TM touch module and wall mount) will be on sale for $3,250.

Samsung‘s UltraHD TVs (HD Guru Compiles Samsung UltraHD Pricing) are now being shipped in the USA and Europe. These are the 2015 TVs without quantum dots (SUHD), which began shipped last month. They are the JU7500, JU7100 (JU7000 in Europe), JU6700 and JU6500.

All prices are ex VAT.