Kopin Secures $12.8 Million Follow-On Order for Critical Eyepiece Subassembly for Defense AR Optical Module

Kopin has received a follow-on order worth approximately $12.8 million for a specific product called an eyepiece subassembly. The order comes from a Department of Defense prime contractor. In other words, Kopin is providing this component to a company that works directly with the Department of Defense. The prime contractor integrates Kopin’s eyepiece subassembly into a sophisticated AR optical module. This module likely has a see-through capability, meaning users can still see their surroundings while also viewing the digital information displayed by the module.

Source: Kopin

Kopin’s eyepiece subassembly is a key part of this AR optical module. It utilizes Kopin’s high-brightness microdisplay technology and custom-designed optics (referred to as pancake optics). The announcement highlights that this order is a significant increase in demand compared to the previous year. The eyepiece subassemblies are scheduled to be delivered in 2024, with the possibility of early deliveries. This order is the third follow-on order for this particular product, indicating that Kopin has successfully designed and manufactured complex microdisplay modules and subassemblies that are reliable even in rugged environments. Michael Murray, Kopin’s CEO, stated that this order contributes to the company’s goals of achieving significant revenue growth and profitability.