Key Ingredient Launches First Smart Cooking Pan With Built-In Display For Digital Kitchen

Key Ingredient (, a high-tech company focused on making cooking easy and smart by harnessing the latest technologies to advance the digital cooking experience for home cooks, has launched the SmartPrompt™ Pan, the first smart cooking pan with a built-in display that accesses more than 2 million recipes.

SmartPromptPanThe SmartPrompt Pan is currently available to contributors on Indiegogo at an early-bird price of $99.00.

The Key Ingredient SmartPrompt Pan is a 12″ skillet-style non-stick fry pan that helps anyone succeed at cooking every time. The innovative pan is the only one of its kind that has a built-in display that not only shows the temperature of the pan, which allows for precisely timed cooking, but also uses a patent-pending Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to display step-by-step directions of the chosen recipe from Key Ingredient’s 2MM recipes. Users can also upload their favorite recipes to the display handle. The patent-pending boiling, simmering and burning detectors send alerts via smartphone to make busy cooks’ lives easier.

In addition to the SmartPrompt Pan, the Indiegogo campaign will also feature a suite of solutions for the digital kitchen. The Key Ingredient SmartPrompt™ Probe is a clip-on thermometer that can attach to any pan. Unlike other smart thermometers, the Key Ingredient SmartPrompt Probe pairs wirelessly with any iOS or Android device and can alert you when something is boiling, burning or simmering. The Probe also uses the paired Key Ingredient app to show the temperature and provide step-by-step cooking instructions for any recipe. The SmartPrompt Mobile App for iPhone or Android provides access to the Key Ingredient recipe library, lets users add their own recipes and provides step-by-step directions via mobile device or to the SmartPrompt Pan display.

“At Key Ingredient, we are focused on creating cutting-edge technologies that will bring the digital kitchen to life for cooks of all levels,” said Harlan Beverly, CEO of Key Ingredient. “We believe in making cooking fun and accessible to anyone, and our digital kitchen is at the center of this new wave of cooking. Our Indiegogo campaign allows us to not only complete our final production of our SmartPrompt Pan and SmartPrompt Probe, but to bring together the vast community of cooks who are looking for solutions to make cooking easier and more enjoyable.”


Based in Austin, Texas, Key Ingredient is focused on harnessing the latest technologies to advance the digital cooking experience for home cooks since 2004. features more than 2 million recipes that have been shared by cooks and available on our website and apps. We offer the latest items with KitchenSnap, our robust online retail store. The Key Ingredient Smart Cooking System includes the feature rich Key Ingredient SmartPrompt™ Pan, Key Ingredient SmartPrompt™ Probe, as well as the Key Ingredient SmartPrompt™, app, making cooking even easier. Read more about our iPhone/iPad App, Android App, and our Smart Cooking System. For more information about our site, visit our About page.

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