JDI Shows Very Transparent LCD

Japan Display Inc (JDI) has shown a display with transmittance of 80% at a technology event in Tokyo, according to Nikkei Technology. The display does not use a polariser or filter, but Nikkei said that the display seemed to be an LCD. Previous transparent LCDs shown by the company have had transparency in the range of 10% to 30%. The firm has developed transparent OLEDs, but these have had transmission of 45%. The 4″ display, with 300 x 300 resolution, will be shown at the SID in May.

jdi transparent

Analyst Comment

80% is a critical point in transparency, as this is the level needed by automotive regulations. As we have reported in this issue, there is work going on to develop frame sequential technology which can supply full colour without the need for filters. However, losing the polarising layer is a bit harder in an LCD! We look forward to finding out more at SID. (BR)