JDI Announces 3.4″ LCD For VR Headsets

Japan Display Inc (JDI) said that it has developed a 3.42″ LTPS LCD for virtual reality (VR) head mount displays (HMD) and has started sample delivery. The display has a resolution of 1440 x 1700 which means a ppi of 651, which makes the pixel structure less obvious than on displays with lower ppi ratings. The panel also has had a high speed IPS technology implemented to allow 90Hz refresh with a response time of 3 ms and with a blinking backlight technology. Brightness is 150 cd/m² (with a 10% duty cycle on the backlight).

JDI also said that the system is designed to mimimise latency from the time of the signal arriving at the display. Contrast is quoted at 700:1

jdi ppi

Different pixel densities Figure 1. Comparison of pixel fineness between a low ppi display vs. a high ppi display

jdi refresh

(a) Smartphone display (b) VR display

Figure 2. Comparison of motion blur between a smartphone display vs. a VR display