ITU HDR Recommendations Coming Soon

David Wood, CM-UHD chairman at the DVB Project office, has spoken about HDR to ANGA COM attendees in Germany. HDR TV recommendations are due to be released by the ITU-R on the 4th July.

Recommendations include both the perceptual quantiser (PQ) system and hybrid log gamma (HLG) systems. Dolby favours the PQ approach, while the BBC and NHK developed HLG. Wood said the ITU-R should have a recommendation on PG or HLG soon.

In addition to the ITU-R recommendation, the DVB Project has to agree on the delivery format for UHD-1 Phase 2 (which covers certain ‘better pixels’), including IP delivery. The Phase 2 specification should be completed by the end of the year.

UHD-1 Phase 2 has two ‘Conformance Points’. CPA includes HDR for adopters that want to start services in 2017, with HDR only; CPB include both HDR and high frame rates (HFR), for adopters that are comfortable with waiting until 2019. Both backwards and non-backwards compatible versions of HDR are provided in the Phase 2 spec.