ISO Selects X-Rite for New Colour Standard

The ISO TC130 committee, which sets global standards for the graphic arts, has adopted the X-Rite Colour Exchange Format v3 (CxF3). CxF3 has been taken on as a new standard for colour data exchange and verification.

The new standard is known as ISO 17972-1:2015, providing the graphic arts industry with an accurate, efficient way to communicate colour information across ‘any’ supply chain.

CxF3 is defined in an open way, so that all aspects of a colour can be communicated – even when the application and colour communication features required are unknown.

“The publication of this standard provides a framework for sharing colour data at all steps in the workflow – from brand owner through to production”, said Ray Cheydleur, portfolio manager at X-Rite. “Many companies and products have already benefited from CxF3, and now that it is an ISO standard, many more will benefit in the future”.

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