SID 2017 Report: Is StoreDot Shifting Focus Away from OLEDs?

We first became interested in StoreDot a couple of years ago at CES when they showed organic molecules that have properties similar to those of quantum dots. (StoreDot: An Organic Quantum Dot Alternative) This year, the Israeli company had a not-very-informative booth at Display Week.

A spate of recent news stories focus on the other main application of StoreDot’s technology, fast-charging batteries. The company’s FlashBattery system uses a super-capacitor architecture and its own chemistry to, StoreDot says, recharge either mobile-device or automotive batteries in five minutes, has more energy density than Li-Ion batteries, and supports a large number of charge-discharge cycles despite the rapid charging.

The list of companies that make cadmium-free QDs is getting pretty long. It would make sense if StoreDot were applying its limited resources to 5-minute rechargeable batteries — if it can develop and protect its essential IP before the big boys do. — Ken Werner

thumb StoreDot Fast charging BatteriesStoreDot says these automotive batteries can be recharged in five minutes. (Photo: StoreDot)