Ipsos Sees 50% of Adults Having Used a Mobile TV Platform

Ipsos Media CT, part of the market research firm Ipsos, has released its findings on the use of mobile platforms for watching TV. According to a recently released study, it finds that half of all adults age 18 to 49 have tried mobile platforms for watching TV. However, 9 in 10 adults prefer watching TV on a TV set; 40% prefer watching TV as it fits their own schedule (time delayed); and 30% follow all the episodes of a show they watch.

The UK branch added results from a UK-based survey. Based on the latest data that, in the UK, 88% of all TV is still watched as live TV, the company asked for the reason why live TV is so successful. Here is what it found:

1. To watch live action as it happens (28 per cent)

2. They discover programmes and continue watching them (23 per cent)

3. It feels like more of an event to watch live (19 per cent)

4. So they can watch together with friends or family (17 per cent)

5. To watch shows they have been looking forward to as soon as possible (17 per cent)

In contrast to other countries, the UK seems to be not very open to watching TV on a mobile screen. The UK survey says that 98.2% of all TV watching happens on the TV, with the quality of the image being the main reason.

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The trends in the TV space seem to be influenced by region and culture as much as technology and cost. (NH)

One of the features of UK TV is the content from the BBC which is always viewable without any advertising. That means that watching later and fast forwarding through the programme is not needed for a (relatively) uninterrupted viewing experience. (BR)