Introducing Hypervsn SmartV: The Future of Digital Signage Is Here

HYPERVSN, the recognised global leader of 3D holographic solutions, are launching a new generation platform called HYPERVSN SmartV. There is a lot of hype around 3D, VR & AR, the Metaverse and how all of this will transpire into our daily lives – HYPERVSN are very much at the forefront of this technical innovation.

The new HYPERVSN SmartV solutions feature significant advancements, including the ability to connect the HYPERVSN SmartV solutions via an on-board HDMI connection. This development allows HYPERVSN SmartV to connect with the wider EcoSystem of products involved in the Pro-AV and Digital Signage markets.

The inclusion of the HDMI also means that HYPERVSN SmartV can now be used to display both 2D and 3D content. Thanks to that, HYPERVSN SmartV can now be considered a genuine alternative to standard video wall or LED solutions.

A new larger, but lighter 3000 nit HYPERVSN SmartV high bright model is launching, alongside an ultra-fine pixel pitch (0.65mm) medium sized solution. These new solutions will successfully complement HYPERVSN’s current range, whilst addressing a wider scope of customer needs.

The HYPERVSN SmartV Platform also opens up the possibility of interactive holographic content, as the SmartV platform is built on Android, which means 3D content can be rendered in real-time and respond back to the audience in real-time depending on various inputs such as voice and motion control – and customers can develop custom applications for their brand, be it a holographic digital avatar, interactive educational content or a holographic game.

SmartV can also be connected to Camera, Voice and Tablet controls. Other external triggers, such as motion sensors or Internet data sources can be used to trigger content on the HYPERVSN SmartV, providing the user with a completely interactive experience.

To support the new SmartV solutions, HYPERVSN are releasing a wide range of accessories. These include Perspex protection options, alongside a range of wall mounts and mobile stands. The HYPERVSN SmartV Wall now comes standard with a perfectly spaced frame, which allows for easy installation and maintenance. Please see the HYPERVSN SmartV Catalogue here to see all the solutions and accessories.

Kiryl Chykeyuk, HYPERVSN Co-founder said “We’ve spent the last three years completely redesigning the previous generation of HYPERVSN technology. We have developed proprietary accessories to enable new, exciting interactive features and various installation options. HYPERVSN SmartV technology is available to order now via HYPERVSN and our Authorised Partners across the globe.”

Another key aspect of the HYPERVSN SmartV solutions are their incredible power efficiency. HYPERVSN SmartV is a more sustainable, greener product when compared to most other LED-based displays. Less pixels are used to create the same high-resolution imaging, with the new HYPERVSN SmartV M solutions having a power consumption rate below 50 watts on average. That’s half the consumption of most regular LED displays! HYPERVSN is committed to sustainability, making HYPERVSN SmartV solutions the Digital Signage of the future.

On February 21-25, 2022 HYPERVSN are holding the Open Week at the brand new experience centre in London.