Insight TV’s HD Channels Now Available on Freenet TV

The German DVB-T2 HD platform launched as freenet TV, now has access to Insight TV’s adventure travel and extreme sports channels. The distribution deal sees Insight TV’s HD channel distributed on the HbbTV-compatible service, becoming available over the freenet TV platform. This enables around 20 TV channels to appear alongside up to 40 DTT channels in the channel listing of the DVB-T2 HD platform. The new freenet line-up includes Spiegel TV, CNN, France 24 and Euronews, as well as regional and local channels.

At the end of this month, freenet TV expects to reach 1.7 to 2.2 million DVB-T2 HD devices in German households and over 500,000 freenet TV customers. The number of DVB-T2 HD receivers is expected to rise to more than 2.5 million by the end of the year with the number of freenet TV customers increasing to over 800,000 and reaching one million by the end of next year.

Insight TVs extreme sports channels now available on Freenet TV