Innolux Targetting Automotive

Taiwanese sources say that Innolux is developing its automotive panel business by expanding sales into China and Japan after developing mainly in the US and Europe. The company hopes to boost its sales as automotive development cycles are said to be faster in Asia. The company is forecasting 8-9 million units in 2016, with clients said to include Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche and Tesla. The business is said to be evenly split between OEM and after-market sales.

The data was released as Innolux was awarded an ‘Innovative Product Award’ by the Hsinchu Science Park for an S-shaped display, a one-axis curved display and a curved touch display.

Analyst Comment

IHS said at SID that Innolux was the second largest supplier in automotive, after JDI, in 2015. (BC21 Auto Displays Growing Well) (BR)