Informitv Confirms Perseus as Visually Lossless

V Nova

Informitv has conducted an independent test of V-Nova’s Perseus codec. The results confirm that Perseus can be used for visually lossless UltraHD video, as well as supporting HDR and 8k video. HD and UltraHD tests performed on P.Link 4K – V-Nova’s contribution encoder and decoder solution.

Results indicate that Perseus is visually lossless for video contribution at important operating points: 1080i (25fps) at 75Mbps; 1080p (50fps) at 150 Mbps; and UltraHD (50fps) at 200Mbps. Evaluations also showed that HDR images, encoded with Perseus, were high fidelity with no compression overhead. Additionally, 8k (7680 x 4320) video at 48 bits per pixel were found to be visually lossless at a 40:1 compression ratio.

Analyst Comment

This report certainly endorses the suitability from a contribution point of view of V-Nova’s technology. A 40:1 compression ratio is very handy for 8K content. (BR)