Infocomm ‘Heads Up’

The news for Infocomm has started and Socionext said that it plans to demonstrate a new chip, the SC2M50 or “M50” that will encode video using the HEVC codec in UltraHD with 60 fps and using just 3.5W and with a 25mm x 25mm package. It can support YUV 4:2:2 video with 10 bit grey scale for professional application. It can also encode audio and decode both audio and video as well as providing Mux and Demux functions. The company also plans to show a box featuring the chip.

SC2M50 diagram lg

Absen said it would be highlighting its Orlando-based headquarters (the show will be in Orlando) and would also be promoting its M series of mobile LED dipslyas. The company will also have a 1.2mm ‘4K’ display for use in broadcast and with brightness up to 1,000 cd/m². The company said that partners d3 Technologies would have 124 panels of M2.9 LED and that a ‘new LED solution’ would be shown by Nationwide Video at booth 2843.