Infitec Shows New 6P 3D Glasses

The new six primary (6P) RGB laser systems can offer outstanding 3D performance, but the quality of the 3D glasses to separate the left and right eye images has caused some complaints because of reflections. Infitec has now addressed these issues with a new coating design for the glasses, as was demonstrated at InfoComm.

The new glasses are sampling now and are currently being used only in non-theatrical applications. The price for a single pair is €38. The company is in the process of discussing licensing for the theatrical market.

Christie and Dolby use the same 6P glasses but Barco has a different set as they use different primaries for their 6P laser projectors.

The new glasses use a plastic substrate and have 25% less back reflection than previous models and better stereo contrast with viewing angle – both are issues with current glasses. – CC