IneoQuest Shows Video Analytics Solution at CCW

With new TV and video distribution channels, developing quality control is becoming more and more complex. IneoQuest offers tools that allow end user-based quality control of video transmissions. These tools are based on a small SDK that is embedded in the player and that connects to the system provided by IneoQuest.

IneoQuest does not collect any data itself, but provides the provider with the hardware and software to analyze the collected data.

On the one side, they let the provider know what quality level the user is experiencing and if the connection is stable or if it got disconnected. The quality control drills down to each individual video transmission to the end user.

On the other side, this kind of control also enables statistical data to be collected about each viewer. Where, when, for how long and on what platform was the content viewed are the typical details collected by the system This in turn helps the provider to enable more and better viewing analysis to the advertisers, which creates a better value proposition.

As IneoQuest calls this ‘Monetizing the Video Experience’, it is aimed at the strongly growing mobile video market. This theme was also present in other TV conferences addressing the topic of targeted video advertising, which we will report on very soon. – Norbert Hildebrand