Imagination Scales From 16 to 512 Cores

New GPU IP has been introduced by Imagination Technologies. PowerVR Series7 range from 16 to 32 (Series7XE) and up to 512 (Series7XT) arithmetic logic unit (ALU) cores. The GPUs feature full hardware virrtualisation and Android Extension Pack (AEP) support, with hardware tesselation.

Each GPU includes features including geometry shaders; PowerVR triple compression (PVR3C) 364 for bandwidth and power savings; and full support for adaptive scalable texture compression (ASTC). Series7 also includes Imagination’s PowerGearing 364, for dynamic core and cluster level power management.

Imagination’s Series7 devices use the PowerVR Rogue architecture, which is scalable via threads, cores and clusters. Clusters of up to 32 multi-threaded ALU cores are used, working with dedicated texture units on the same area of the screen. Because of this approach, memory access is correlated and efficient, says the company.

Enhancements to the Series7 architecture, over Series6, include: instruction set enhancements (improved application performance and GPU efficiency); a new hierarchical layout structure (scalable polygon throughput, pixel fillrate improvements, increased clock speeds); and GPU compute set-up and cache throughput improvements (up to 300% increase in parallel processing improvements).

Series7XE GPUs are based on a single scalable cluster of up to 32 ALU cores and are designed for entry-level to mid-range mobile devices, TVs, set-top boxes and wearables. Imagination says that they are the smallest AEP-compatible GPUs in the world. These devices can be configured with options such as 10-bit YUV support for HEVC. GPUs include the 16-core GE7400 and 32-core GE7800.

Featuring the same options as the Series7XE, Imagination’s Series7XT GPUs are intended for high-end applications including tablets, smartphones, UltraHD TVs, set-top boxes and consoles. The GPUs are based on between two and 16 clusters, each containing 32 ALU cores. AEP and 10-bit YUV are supported as standard. GPUs include the two-cluster GT7200, four-cluster GT7400, six-cluster GT7600, eight-cluster GT7800 and 16-cluster GT7900. Other configurations are available.

Other optional features on the new Series7 GPUs include DirectX 11.2 and OpenCL FP64 support.

Imagination’s Series7 GPUs are available for licensing now.