ICDM Launches File Formats Workgroup

The International Committee for Display Metrology has announced a new workgroup, for file format management and standardisation.

Based in OpenEXR, Workgroup 4 aims to develop a file format standardisation effort for displays and related workflows, based on the ICDM display measurement standard.

Interested parties are invited to participate, especially if:

  • Your work involves writing software or test patterns for testing or evaluating displays;
  • You are involved in designing displays, where they would like to model or simulate their characteristics without building it;
  • You would like to see the ICDM collaborate with other organisations for file interchange formats to help improve display-related workflow;
  • You would like to have easier display-related data exchange among patterns, labs, instruments, vendors, displays, etc;
  • You would like to see an open, standardised, common data file and exchange format across display measurement systems;
  • You would like to see display-related files which contain data to help you generate test reports;
  • You are involved with, interested in, or knowledgeable about OpenEXR;
  • You would like to see data and image files which work together to provide many possibilities;
  • You would like to see multiple images in a single file structure, such as for 3D, in use in the ICDM;
  • You are a software developer working on display evaluation or development, where you would welcome collaboration with others in the ICDM (and outside of the ICDM) toward common and standardised methods that all could use.

Contact Thierry Leroux for an invitation to the working group: [email protected].