Ikegami Adds 4K and Promises HDR

Ikegami was showing a new 31.1″ DCI 4K 4096 x 2160 broadcast monitor with 350 cd/m² of brightness, 10 bit processing and 1,450:1 contrast. The monitor can support the Rec 2020 gamut (although coverage was not confirmed other than ‘wide’). The IPS display will cost around €18,000 and should be available in December. It has a lot of features including multi sources (4) and 2 channel 12G-SDI and 4 x 3GSDI input for high resolution display. The company is planning an HDR version that is planned to have a peak brightness of 2,000 cd/m², although this will be confirmed later, probably around NAB.

Ikegami HQLM 3120WIkegami used its new HQLM 3120W 4K display to show downscaled 8K video. Image:Meko