Humax Streams UltraHD from Korea

Humax showed its “Whitney” and “Rocky” FullHD & UltraHD STBsHumax was showing its range of STBs and gateways. As a demonstration of the quality of its UltraHD solution, the firm was streaming UltraHD content from Korea. Humax has developed “headless” gateways that are being sold in the US at the moment, and it also has FullHD (“Rocky”) and UltraHD (“Whitney”) client boxes.

Humax has tended to be at the high end with its branded PVRs and has been selling a four tuner satellite media server in Germany and Austria, which is said to be selling well. It can support streaming to Chromecast devices and the company plans to develop a version for the UK market. Decisions on tuner type (Terrestrial and Satellite are both possible) are still to be made, but one of the issues of selling this kind of product in the UK is that a number of content agreements, including with the BBC, to distribute content within the home to alternate displays. A deal with the BBC has now been agreed.

Also in the UK, the firm is working on a system to support the delayed Freeview Play OTT service, which Humax believes may now be released in June or July. An area of the stand was devoted to an IoT demonstration of home control.