HP to Sell zSpace 3D Monitor – adds 5K and Curved Models

HP Zvr 3D Display is based on technology from zSpaceAt the Pepcom Digital Experience event, we got a chance to look at the HP Zvr 3D display. The 23.6″ monitor uses passive 3D technology to allow the user to see a 3D scene, behind the screen. The system uses a stylus to “point” to objects on the display which can then be selected and manipulated using the stylus (moved, rotated etc). Cameras along the top of the monitor track the user’s head and hand position to detect where the interest is.

Applications are expected in engineering, architecture, medicine and education, but any application needing the manipulation of objects in a 3D space might be relevant.

HP is expected to sell the system directly towards the end of Q1 and may also offer it through partners that it plans to qualify. Pricing has not yet been disclosed.