Stereo 3D


The Home of The First 360-Degree Immersive LED Visualization Cinema

by Artem Alekseenko

Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) took an important step forward in heralding a new cinematic experience for the future by establishing the Visualisation Research Centre recently. The Centre is home to the world’s first 360-degree immersive LED …

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Bit rates

The Future of 3D display and the Emergence of Holographic TV

by Bob Raikes

What They Say A paper in Light:Advanced Manufacturing that looked at the development of different communication and display technologies based on their bit rates. The article highlights the challenges that need to be overcome …

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Canon’s new dual-fisheye EOS R lens is for creating 3D VR content

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Canon has developed a ‘dual fisheye’ lens that can shoot stereo 3D 180° video when used with its EOS R5 camera. The lens can be used with a subscription-based software utility …

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3D & 8K: A Marriage Made In Las Vegas

by Pete Putman

My schedule at CES can keep me so busy that I rarely venture away from the Las Vegas Convention Center. The show also occupies the Sands Expo Center, where additional exhibits fill the show …

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NTT Shows 3D Sand Table

by Chris Chinnock

At Ceatec in Japan, NTT Service Evaluation Laboratories showed a prototype of a 3D Sand Table display; i.e. one in which participants can view a 3D image while walking around it in a tabletop …

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RealD Updates its Intelilight Technology – and More

by Chris Chinnock

We met with RealD in a meeting room at the back of the South Hall at CES to discuss progress on its Intelilight technology. This is essentially an intelligent backlight that can direct light …

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Macquarie University Uses Highlite Projectors

by Bob Raikes

Australia’s Macquarie University has used four of Digital Projection’s Highlite Laser projectors (1920×1200) to create an 8m diameter (18.8m wide) 240º cylindrical projection system for its new VR lab. The system uses active S3D …

Tags:Back Panel| CAVEs| Digital Projection Inc (DPI)| Large Display Monitor| Simulation| Stereo 3D| Vol 23 - Issue 47

Towards Better Educational VR Content

by Len Scrogan

In a previous article (Is educational VR content ready for prime time?) I tackled the notion of educational content categories for both 3D and virtual reality. I wrote: “…3D educational content came in a …

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zSpace Shows S-3D Web Pages

by Chris Chinnock

zSpace was at CES showing its normal range of stereoscopic 3D displays and educational applications. But they also debuted something new – a plan to offer a consumer version of their 3D display and …

Tags:3D (Three Dimensions)| 3D software| CES 2016| Large Display Monitor| Stereo 3D| Vol 23 - Issue 04

Disney and ETH Convert 3D to AS3D in Real Time

by Tom Allen

Disney Research is working with ETH Zurich, to build a system that can convert existing stereoscopic 3D content into multiview (autostereoscopic) content in real time. A combination of computer algorithms and hardware is used …

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Trends @ ISTE 2015

by Len Scrogan

The ISTE 2015 educational conference, with over 21,000 in attendance, is the largest ed-tech conference held in the U.S. As expected, ISTE experienced solid growth in attendees this year, but the conference also topped …

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