HP Adds Stylish POS System

HP has introduced a new ElitePOS system for retail and hospitality applications. The design is intended to allow sales associates to take the terminal away from the stand to give access to ‘endless aisles’ and to allow customer check in. It can also be locked to the stand. There are options including a receipt printer, magnetic stripe reader and barcode scanner. There is also a fingerprint reader for secure login using Windows Hello.

The device has been designed to pass MIL-STD 810G to ensure that it is rugged and runs Windows 10 and 7th Generation Intel Core processors with vPro security. The display is a 14″ unit with FullHD resolution.

Warranty is three years, with options up to five years.

Analyst Comment

As well as standard POS applications, the display can be used for small digital signs, allowing a single platform across a range of applications. (BR)