Hitachi Now in Laser Projection

Hitachi’s first entrance into the solid state laser-phosphor market has been unveiled, in the form of the LP-WU9750B DLP projector. It is suitable for extreme use in 24/7 applications, such as digital signage.

A sealed engine design keeps the projector free of dust. It is also maintenance-free, with no air filter. The light source will last up to 20,000 hours. Hitachi has installed four laser banks in the projector, so if one fails projection can continue with minimal brightness loss.

Images can be edge-blended using the built-in function. The projector also has picture-in- and picture-by-picture modes. Installation is made easier with motorised zoom, focus and lens shift, as well as horizontal (+/-60°) and vertical (+/-40°) lens shift. ‘Perfect Fit’ enables the user to adjust the corners of the projected image. Warping and image rotation are also supported. The projector also supports a Dicom simulation mode (not for diagnostics).

Display resolution is 1920 x 1200. The projector has 8,000 lumens of brightness (white and colour light output) and can display 10-bit colour. Throw ratio varies depending on which of the seven lenses is used; the standard lens is 2.4-3.6:1. Images can be thrown from 0 – 0.05m with the FL920 lens, to 11.9 – 18.9m with the UL905 lens. Images are sized between 50″ and 600″.

3G-SDI in/out (via BCN), HDMI (x2), DVI-D, mini-VGA, 5-BNC, RJ45 (supporting HDBaseT) and RS232 ports are featured.

Hitachi is selling the projector now, for $26,000.