Hisense Prepares for ULED Launch

Hisense 65H10 LCD TV

Hisense revealed two new UltraHD TVs at an event in Times Square in late August, using its ‘ULED’ (UltraHD resolution with display enhancements) technology.

The 65″ H10 (ULED) and 55″ H9 TVs are Hisense’s first curved screens. The H10, the company says, will cover some (exact figures were not shared) of the Rec.2020 gamut, and 149% of Rec.709/sRGB, thanks to the use of quantum dot enhancement films from 3M. Hisense claims that the $3,000 TV is comparable in performance to Samsung’s 65″ JS9500 models and LG’s 70″ OLED TVs, which it showed alongside its own product.

Hisense USA sales VP Peter Erdman with the 65H10 TV. Credit: HD Guru.The H10 uses Hisense’s second-generation ULED technology, while the H9 uses first-generation tech. Only the H10 features quantum dots, but both feature HDR and local dimming: 240 zones on the H10 and 85 on the $1,300 H9. Dynamic range is said to be increased by accelerating the time it takes to go from 100% peak brightness to 0%. The H10 can reach 900 cd/m² of peak brightness.

Hisense showed HDR TVs using Dolby Vision at CES this year (Hisense Boasts of ULED Advantages). However, at the Times Square event the company had opted to use the Open HDR standard, because of the higher costs (hardware and licensing) associated with the Dolby implementation. Product management director Chris Porter told Twice that Dolby Vision is appropriate for CEDIA-channel displays, but not the mass market.

Other key features include judder-elimination, the lack of halo effects, 120Hz refresh rates and support for the VP9 and HEVC codecs. They will also feature HDMI (x4, two supporting UltraHD at 60fps) and USB (x3) ports, as well as octa-core processors.

The H10 will go on sale in October, initially exclusively through Amazon. Distribution will be opened up to bricks-and-mortar stores in 2016. Distribution for the H9 will be open from the start.

Analyst Comment

Hisense also commented on its acquisition of the Sharp TV brand in the USA (Another TV Market Exit by Sharp). The brand will be used for premium TVs, with Hisense able to purchase LCD panels from the G10 plant in Sakai. However, it is unclear at this point if Hisense will consider purchasing or licensing other technologies from the company, such as Quattron. (TA)