HDMI: Infocomm is Protecting Trademark Offenders

HDMI Licensing has accused Infocomm International, the trade show organiser, of knowingly encouraging trademark violations. As well as this, the body has actively protected direct infringers, the HDMI organisation claimed in the US Federal Court, according to Courthouse News. The infringers named were mostly Chinese companies, including Aoto Electronics, Beijing Tricolor Technology, HK Hi-Tech Electronics, Jiangsoo Tsingtoo Technology and Nanjing Doublestar Electronic Technology.

Specifically, Infocomm has been accused of ‘intentional and unlawful conduct in not only providing material and substantial support to direct infringers of HDMI’s famous trademarks at InfoComm’s trade shows, despite knowledge and actual notice of their specific infringement, but even taking affirmative steps to protect and shield those same direct-infringers from any direct liability for their unlawful conduct’.

HDMI Licensing says that it identified 80 direct infringers of its trademark at Infocomm 2012, including 9 that had refused to honour its IP rights. Another 50 were found at the 2013 show, including 5 repeat offenders, and 57 at the 2014 event. Following the association’s visits to the shows, Infocomm International apparently sent a cease-and-desist letter, on the 2nd June this year. The letter banned HDMI Licensing from entering the Infocomm show, even if invited.

HDMI Licensing is now seeking damages from Infocomm International.