Hansol Integrates EMR in One Cable Solution

Hansol was a name we often featured back in the days when the company was in the mainstream monitor business, but withdrew from that market to focus on special displays for games machines etc. some years ago. It also developed its business for power supplies and backlights which it supplies to Samsung. At the show, it was showing interactive displays with infrared touch (10 point) and single point EMR input for a pen and based on a Hansol design. Hansol calls this a “sheet in module” concept and is possible because the firm has experience of assembling modules. The company can also integrate EMR with Procap touch based on metal mesh which allows up to 50 touches, or displays with just EMR are available. The EMR system can support 1,024 to 2,048 pressure levels with an active pen.

The 65″ “Miracle Board” FullHD monitor on display was using a separate box for input and electronics, which Hansol called “One Connect” and the output was sent to the LCD using UTP cable and we established that HDBaseT is the core technology. There was also a display of a “smart splitter” that can control multiple displays, again using HDBaseT. Hansol had a range of high brightness 23.8″ and 27″ monitors (with 500 or 800 cd/m²) using edge and direct lighting. The 27″ is a 2560 x 1440 resolution unit with 144 edge LEDs to give 800 cd/m².

It also had some cool looking concave and convex curved monitors. One was a 21.5″ concave curved LCD (curved from top to bottom with R600, which is unusual). The monitor has 350 cd/m² of brightness from a direct LED backlight with 60 LEDs.

On the front of the booth was an intriguing “W” curve triple monitor with three portrait panels with concave bends on the outside and convex in the centre. Other technologies available include a wireless charging pad (Qi standard) that can be integrated with a monitor and a charging pad that can also keep a drink warm in a special insulated coffee holder.

Hansol Curved monitors