Halle 6 Technology Round-Up

We went to Hall 6 where the R&D departments were showing what they had, but there was only limited interest for us. Most of the research being show was in the area of big data, security and other IT-related topics. We did find a company, 3Digify that was showing “3D scanning for all” using a couple of DSLRs and a small Dell projector (to provide structured light) and the firm’s software to capture impressive 3D object scans. The company is raising money through a Kickstarter project.

3digify 3d scanner3digify has 3D scanner software that can use DSLRs and a standard projector. Image:Meko

Also in Halle 6, we found TMND which was showing an integrated gaze and near to eye A/R display system that is being developed not only for industrial applications, but also for quadriplegics so that they can use the gaze function to communicate. The company has its own gaze technology (it was insulted when we asked if it was from Tobii or SMI!) and the company told us that a big feature was the wide field of view. When we asked for a number, though, we were told that it hadn’t been measured yet!

Another important feature is that the headset has been designed to work in “plug & play” mode from an HDMI input, without the need for a special image generator. It also has a dioptre control so that the virtual image can be focussed at a wide range of distances, depending on what it is being used for. The company didn’t seem completely sure if it was fully in production, but it has supplied some units.

The display and gaze system have been designed to be modular and easy to use with different frames and supports depending on the kind of application.

The imager is an SVGA display from MicroOled in Grenoble, France, which claims to have shipped over 150K units by the end of Q3 last year.

tmnd NTE displayTMND has just developed this NTE display which can be used by quadraplegics. Image:Meko

The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering has developed the JUWL mirror-based 360 degree display system that can be created by folding up a sheet of special material, folding it up and placing it on a touch-enabled smartphone. The ‘Holomat’ is a photo booth that captures images that can be shown. Contact

JUWL 360 degree mirrorThe JUWL 360 degree mirror can be pre-fabricated or created by folding a special sheet of material. Imge:Meko