Google To Develop Stand-Alone VR Headset

Google announced at its Google I/O developer event that it would ship a stand-alone headset version of its DayDream VR technology, rather than relying on a smartphone as a display. Google said that building a dedicated device allows optimisation of the display, optics and other system components. The company is working with HTC and Lenovo, its partners on Tango to develop the device which will use Worldsense (which looks like what others are calling SLAM or inside-out tracking). The headsets will be wireless and some reports say that products may be available later this year. They are reported to be built on the capability of the Snapdragon 835. Those that have tried the system have said that it is impressive and seemed to be similar in optical design to the Reference Designs that Qualcomm has produced (with Goertek) (IFA Round Up)

The company also announced Google Lens which can use GPS and the camera to identify objects in the user’s environment. The company got a round of applause when it said it would recognise the barcode and SSID on the label of a wireless router to automatically connect! Another announcement is that the Google Home assistant (think Amazon Echo) can be used for outgoing phone calls.

HTC has a teaser of this Daydream VR Headset