Gloshine Wins IF Award for Curved LEDs

Gloshine MV 2 2.6 resizeAward winning MV2.6 rental product is said to be easy to install, even by one person. (Credit: Gloshine)

Gloshine of China was showing a variety of new and existing products in their booth at ISE. One was the new MV2.6 fine-pitch curved rental screen which recently was awarded the 2018 annual IF Design Award. Gloshine says this is the first time for a fine-pitch screen to be made arc-shaped. The module mechanical design is intended to simplify the LED arc screen installation process and it enables a single person to complete installation.

Gloshine’s new LC display was hung high overhead against a dark background that made it impossible to appreciate its transparency. (Credit: M. Brennesholtz)

The other new product was an LC transparent LED screen It’s flexible and able to do both concave and convex shapes, with ± 5 ° between adjacent modules. The LC design is ultra-light and thin, making it suitable for rental, fixed and lifting applications, the firm said. Unfortunately, the LC screen at ISE was lifted far overhead where it was not really possible to appreciate its transparency. (Note: I was told at the Unilumen booth, where they were also displaying a semi-transparent LED screen, that the transparency is more to reduce the effect of wind on the display than for its optical effects. In a hanging screen like the Gloshine one, this could be important.) – Matthew Brennesholtz