Global Video Streaming Grew 114% Year-on-Year in 2018 Q1

Video AI platform Conviva has reported that global video streaming hours grew 114% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2018. App-based viewing grew 136%, while in-browser streaming grew 71%. Among providers, Apple TV streaming hours grew by 709% year-on-year. Roku grew at a much lower 87% but from a much larger user base.

20180503Source: Conviva via FlatPanelsHD

Roku remained the market leader in terms of popularity, clocking in over a billion hours — accounting for 23% of all video streaming worldwide — versus Apple TV’s 256 million. Other providers also saw significant growth — PlayStation grew 175%, Xbox grew 259% and Fire TV grew 411%.

In terms of geography, streaming hours in North America account for 68% of global streaming and grew 174% year-on-year during the first quarter of 2018. Meanwhile, Europe grew 55% year-on-year, but only accounts for 19% of all streaming. Asia accounts for 12%, while the rest of the world only accounts for 1%.

20180503aSource: Conviva via FlatPanelsHD

Meanwhile, Chromecast’s viewing hours breached the 100 million mark but it lost overall market share. iOS devices also lost market share over the past 12 months, while Android made significant gains.