German OLED Alliance Founded

A German OLED Technology Alliance, or GOTA, has been established by four companies. The aim of the new industry alliance is to combine the experience of its partners in OLED manufacturing.

Each of the partner’s expertise lies in slightly different areas of the value chain, and the four partners will make a joint sales effort to sell product to China, Taiwan and Japan.

The four partners are Von Ardenne, Notion Systems, Fraunhofer IAP and Mbraun. The company’s expertise areas are: systems engineering and technology development for PVD vacuum coating system; functional materials inkjet platforms; organic electronics research; and protective gas atmosphere solutions, respectively.

Analyst Comment

Back in the early noughties, DORAn (Deutsche OLED-Referenzanlage (DORA) GmbH) was a project to make OLEDs in Germany and at one point had a three year plan to develop a reference production line by 2006. However, it was quickly apparent that the scale of investment needed to make any significant impact on the market would not be available and without that investment, the project was very slow. It was eventually killed before building the line, at the end of 2008. (BR)