Gefen Extends UltraHD to 100m

Gefen’s new extenders use HDBaseT to deliver UltraHD (30fps) and power signals over a distance of up to 100m over a single cable. They both carry 7.1 channels of lossless audio, as well as control signals (RS232 and IR).

The 4k Ultra HD ELR-POL Extender w/RS-232, Ethernet and IR (EXT-UHD-CAT5-ELRPOL) carries ethernet signals as well as the above. A CAT-5e cable is used for transport up to 70m (the same cable can be used to send 1920 x 1080 video up to 150m), or a CAT-6a cable for transport to 100m. The sender/receiver units feature HDMI, IR, RJ45 and RS232 ports. The unit is available now, for $800.

The Gefen ToolBox 4K Ultra HD ELR-POL Extender w/RS-232 and IR (GTB-UHD2IRS-ELRPOL-BLK) is very similar to the EXT-UHD-CAT5-ELRPOL, but does not feature ethernet connectivity. It is available for $500.