Gartner Forecast Increase in Global IT Spend for 2018


Gartner, Inc. has estimated that worldwide IT spending will grow by 4.3% to $3.7 trillion in 2018, from $3.5 trillion in 2017.

This figure represents the IT industry as a whole, encompassing data center systems, enterprise systems, IT services and communications services, as well as devices.

Devices are expected to see growth for the first time in two years, increasing 5.3% to $664 billion in 2017 and a further 5% to $697 billion in 2018. This has been attributed to a larger average spend in the market, due to the ever-growing price of smartphones, such as the recently released iPhone 8 and the forthcoming iPhone X.

iphone x silver select 2017 AV3Apple’s iPhone X will retail from $999 when it’s released on November 3rd.

Analysts also believe that pressure on businesses to upgrade their aging systems to Windows 10 machines may also contribute to the increased spend in 2018.

You can view the whole report on the Gartner website.