GameDriver Unveils Cross-Platform Automation Toolkit for XR and Gaming Experiences

GameDriver has released version 2023.04 of its automation toolkit, now supporting Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch, SteamVR, and WebGL in addition to existing support for PC, Mobile, and XR platforms. The new version is expected to benefit developers and QA professionals working with major game engines, eliminating the need for manual regression tests and allowing more time to be spent validating new content.

Additional tooling is included to ease the creation and maintenance of automated tests, such as the HierarchyPath query language compatible with Unity’s UI Toolkit. Unreal Engine developers can expect to see VR support, as well as core feature parity between Unreal Engine 4.27, 5.0, and 5.1. This brings test automation one step closer towards compatibility with every major engine and target platform in use today.GameDriver aims to reduce or eliminate repetitive testing, freeing up developers and testers to focus on new features and improving the user experience. The new release is a foundational step towards providing a cross-platform, cross-engine test automation solution for game and immersive experience developers.