Audiencex and Geenee AR Partner to Deliver Innovative AR Advertising Solutions

Audiencex, an AI-enabled digital advertising partner, has partnered with Geenee AR to provide advertisers with web-based augmented aeality (WebAR) enabled ads for their campaigns. The partnership will offer AR advertising solutions for brands and agencies to take advantage of immersive virtual try-on technology, which has been shown to increase online conversion rates by up to 67%. Through the partnership, Audiencex will enable Geenee’s advanced WebAR technology to be deployed in intelligently targeted ads across platforms, channels, and devices. Brands that have used Geenee WebAR as part of their marketing campaigns have reported significant engagement time, impressive conversion rates, and a demonstrable lift in purchase. Audiencex and Geenee are seeking partners interested in taking advantage of this new advertising technology.

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