Flexenable to Show Conformable LCD

Flexenable, the developer of flexible electronics that came out of the split up of Plastic Logic, said that it has developed a 12.1″ ‘glass-free’ conformable (so bendable at manufacture) organic LCD (which it calls ‘OLCD’). The company said that the display could be made on existing production lines and could be scaled to larger sizes. The display is 0.3mm thick and is claimed to be ten times lighter than glass-based displays.

The firm said that it is already supplying small and large area display prototypes to strategic partners for integration into products and has demonstrated bending to a radius of less than 3cm. It is also working with display makers to bring its process into production and claims that because it can use low-cost plastics and has a low-temperature manufacturing process (below 100°C), its the lowest cost flexible display technology available today.

FlexEnable said it will show a 12.1” OLCD prototype in the Printed Electronics Applied in Automotive conference track at CES 2017 on 6 January 2017 at 14:15- 15:15 in LVCC, North Hall, N264 .

Analyst Comment

We’ll try to get along to the event at CES to see the LCD that Flexenable will show. (BR)