FlexEnable Announces Launch of Ledger Stax, the First Mass-Produced Consumer Product with Organic Transistor Technology

FlexEnable has announced the launch of Ledger Stax, the first mass-produced consumer product to incorporate organic transistor technology. Developed by the French company Ledger, Ledger Stax is a secure crypto wallet featuring an E Ink display that wraps around a 180-degree bend. This design was made possible through a collaboration with display manufacturers DKE (Shanghai) and Giantplus (Taiwan), leveraging FlexEnable’s organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs).

Source: FlexEnable

The OTFTs used in Ledger Stax, which are made from polymers instead of silicon, are manufactured directly onto plastic sheets, making them thinner, lighter, and shatterproof compared to traditional glass displays. This marks the first mass production of organic transistors, with Giantplus producing the flexible OTFT backplanes. This development is expected to enable new form factors for applications such as AR/VR optics, ePrivacy screens, automotive smart windows, and Organic LCDs.