PPDS Introduces Energy-Efficient 13-Inch Philips Tableaux 4150 ePaper Display

PPDS has expanded its lineup of professional displays with the new 13-inch Philips Tableaux 4150 ePaper display, designed to help businesses transition from paper-based posters and communications to digital signage. The company claims this model offers significant energy savings and sustainability.

Source: PPDS

The display comes with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 and also includes 16GB of internal memory. It operates on Android 11 OS, optimized for native Android apps and the easy installation of web apps and software. It can function entirely unplugged, weighing just 1.3kg.

The display can be managed manually or remotely via various control and management platforms, including PPDS’s Wave remote device management platform. You can do secure content updates, firmware upgrades, playlist management, and power scheduling, all aimed at saving time, energy, and reducing environmental impact.