FIFA World Football Museum Uses 1.2mm LED displays

FIFA’s World Football Museum in Zurich, which opened in February 2016, has been upgraded with three 2400 x 1350 resolution 3m x 2m LED displays using the Silicon Core Lavender 1.2mm LED displays. Space was very tight and SiliconCore said that it had developed a special bracket to make front service possible and alllowing the displays to be less than 200mm from the wall behind the displays.

Viewers are likely to be sitting very close to the displays, so small pitch was essential. FIFA is quoted as specifying ‘the best products in their class’.

The museum is said to have cost CHF 30 million ($29.5 million) and to have had 100,000 visitors since it opened.

Analyst Comment

This is said to be the first installation of the 1.2mm technology and was installed by AVS Systeme AG. It’s so good to hear that FIFA is doing so much to save money and reduce the costs for those that want to run FIFA events! (note:British sarcasm!). (BR)

FIFA MuseumFIFA’s Museum in Zurich uses 1.2mm LED displays. Click on image for higher resolution