Everdisplay Optronics Shows OLED Panels

Everdisplay Optronics (EDO) was exhibiting its line of AMOLED displays at CES Asia. They only make active matrix OLED and have a line that runs from 1.4” to 8”. All looked quite good with bright colors, adequate luminance, deep blacks and good contrast. They say they are making 20M per year.

We started the booth tour with a look at their 1.4” round display which is obviously targeted at smart watches. This is in several international and one domestic Chinese product. They also offer a 1.2” round which they said is better suited for female users.


New at the show was a 0.95” square AMOLED targeted at wearables. They have three US customers for this and products should be in the market by Q2’17. EDO says this uses half the power of an equivalent passive matrix OLED. They also have a 1.2” square AMOLED.

Moving to smartphone sized panels, they offer a range with 5.0, 5.2, 5.5 and 5.7 inches available in HD or FHD resolution (see chart below). These are in mass production and used on a number of phones today. Coming soon will be panels with QHD resolution.


Coming soon will be the 8” FHD AMOLED targeted for automotive applications. While the specs are the same as an existing panel targeted for the less demanding tablet market (100K:1 contrast and 350cd/m²), we would assume the environmental requirements and supply chain longevity are much more rigorous for the automotive market.


The company also has an active development program. Demonstrators of some of this technology were on display as well, including a 5.67” flexible display, 6” 4K display with 734 ppi in flexible and flat formats, and a super thin display at 0.2mm.



For Virtual Reality, they have a different roadmap creating 3.2 and 3.4” AMOLED panels in various resolutions and with 90 Hz frame rates. – CC