European Parliament Rejects Cadmium QDs

Following several months of campaigning against the possibility of cadmium-based quantum dot use being extended in the European market, Nanoco has welcomed a decision by the European Parliament to reject the move.

The European Commission proposed an extension to the Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) exemption for LCD TVs using cadmium-based QDs earlier this year (QD Vision Granted RoHS Exemption). The proposal would have extended the exemption until July 2017. Nanoco, which produces QDs without cadmium, twice spoke against the move (Nanoco Warns Against Cadmium QDs and Nanoco Reiterates Position Against Cadmium QDs).

Members of European Parliament have overwhelmingly rejected the proposal, with 618 votes against, 33 votes for and 28 abstentions.

QD Vision, which manufacturers cadmium-based QDs, accepted the decision, but noted that the move is not a ban – simply a rejection of the proposed extension for display backlighting and illumination. Indium-based QDs will also require a new assessment.

Seth Coe-Sullivan, CTO of QD Vision, said, “The EP vote today does not impact the regulatory compliance of our Color IQ quantum dot technology. Cadmium-based quantum dots are still RoHS compliant, and are safe for manufacturers and consumers in Europe and worldwide”.