UK-Based Nanoco Reaches Settlement with Samsung in US Courts

by Omid Rahmat

Nanoco, the Quantum Dot developer, had sued Samsung for patent infringement back in 2020. The case was to go to trial today, January 6, 2023, in a Texas court, but both parties have reached …

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Quantum Dot Company Nanoco Takes a Hit

by Peter Palomaki

Being a publicly traded company can be a blessing or a curse. Manchester, UK based quantum dot supplier Nanoco (LSE:NANO) has been feeling more cursed then blessed lately. Their stock price took a 74% …

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Nanoco Spins Off 2D Materials Company

by Peter Palomaki

Nanoco (LON: NANO), the British company known for producing, licensing and promoting cadmium-free quantum dot technology, has recently announced the formation of a wholly owned subsidiary, Nanoco 2D Materials Ltd. Nanoco was originally a …

Tags:Nanoco| Perovskite| Quantum Dots| R&D (Research & Development)| Vol 25 - Issue 18

Nanoco AUO 4K

Nanoco Looking to Commercialisation

by Chris Chinnock

We met with Quantum Dot developer Nanoco in their suite in the Venetian at CES 2018. The first thing they showed us were three displays that had been modified to remove quantum dot films …

Tags:CES 2018 TV| HDR - High Dynamic Range| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Nanoco| Quantum Dots| Vol 25 - Issue 02| Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)

QH03 Quantum Dot Color Filters for Photoemissive Displays

by Chris Chinnock

Brian Gally from Nanoco described an exciting new QD architecture where the quantum dots are placed in the color filters of the LCD and not in a sheet (and that we first reported on …

Tags:IFA 2017| Large Display Monitor| LCD displays| Mobile Display Monitor| Nanoco| QLED and HDR10+ Summit 2017| Quantum Dots| Vol 24 - Issue 35

SID 2017 Report: Merck Discusses Flexible LCDs

by Ken Werner

Apologies, because of some production issues, these items were omitted from our main SID 2017 report. Among the many things Merck representatives were happy to discuss at their Display Week booth was the continuing …

Tags:Flexible Displays| Large Display Monitor| Merck| Mobile Display Monitor| Nanoco| OLED Materials| SID Display Week 2017| Vol 24 - Issue 23

Nanoco and Kyulux to Develop and Market Their Technologies Collaboratively

by Ken Werner

During Display Week, British quantum-dot (QD) developer Nanoco and German Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF) developer Kyulux announced a collaboration and joint development agreement. The announcement called each of the partners a “world leader” …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Nanoco| Quantum Dots| SID Display Week 2017| TADF| Vol 24 - Issue 21